No one is excluded. Everybody is exclusive.
The Advocacy Planning Group’s main task is mediating between the interests of various groups, populations, businesses and governments, aiming for a more rational, fair and forward looking urban planning proposal. Inspired by Paul Davidoff’s vision regarding professional commitment to vigorous advocacy on behalf of the less fortunate members of society, the Advocacy Planning Group was formed - an international and multidisciplinary team aimed at promoting greater urban justice via professional expertise, advocacy and mediation services.
Our Values The Advocacy Planning group runs on a common set of values that guides the initiative: · Interdisciplinary views
· Independent expertise
· Conservation of resources
· Pluralism & individuality
· Rational management
Project strategy A crucial point in our strategy of implementation is the complete involvement of locals, both organisations and members of the community, as well as local professionals and experts that have a deeper understanding of the context.
Contact us Bringing together top-down projects with bottom up interests for a more balanced and fair decision making system.